Keeping our communities safe while addressing systemic gun violence

​​Safe neighborhoods are the foundation of a strong community and healthy neighborhood. Crime has increased over the past few years, causing our families and residents to feel unsafe in their own home. There is not a one size fits all approach to addressing public safety concerns. While Oakland’s problems are complex, there are policies that we can take now to reduce crime.

  • We should continue to bridge the gap between community and law enforcement by investing in community policing.

  • We should also work with our community-based organizations to invest in strategies to disrupt the root causes of crime.

  • We must end gun violence in our city 

  • We need a strong response to the recent growth in property crime, including package theft and car break-ins

I also believe that we can support safer neighborhoods by maintaining city resources such as libraries, parks, and community centers. Investing in the next generation and properly maintaining our public spaces are some of the best ways to avoid future public safety challenges. As Councilmember, I will ensure that these resources are responsibly allocated to keep us safe.

Combating illegal dumping & holding bad actors accountable

As your councilmember, Kevin will work to ensure that we are able to live in vibrant, clean and safe neighborhoods. To ensure the ongoing beautification of our neighborhoods, we must fully fund our Public Works department so that the department is able to remove illegal dumping in a timely manner. 


We also must work to educate our neighbors and ramp up enforcement on those that are illegally dumping in our neighborhoods. As a Alameda County Public Health Commissioner, Kevin partnered with subject matter experts to address illegal dumping from a policy lens, which gives Kevin the experience necessary to address the issue of illegal dumping head on.

Expanding access to affordable housing for all Oaklanders

Access to affordable housing is essential to the economic health and wellness of our community and the city as a whole. We have not kept up with the need for housing over several decades. This has led to the current housing scarcity and rent increases. We must produce the number of units that reflect our community’s population needs, preserve existing affordable housing units, and utilize innovative options that add housing stock for middle income individuals and families.


Kevin is committed to ensuring that our community members can afford to stay here in Oakland because our City is more walkable, supported by transit that works, and connected to amenities like vibrant shopping areas, a community supermarket, beautiful parks, and great restaurants.

Reducing homelessness and addressing its root causes

Ending the homelesseness crisis in Oakland is the moral issue of our time. We must work together to reduce and eradicate homeless in our city.  Kevin will work to  ensure that the city is working to rehouse families and individuals living  in tent communities through partnership with community based  organizations  focused on ending homelessness and providing community the services that they need. A particular focus of Kevin’s is to work with community-based organizations to advance policies and programs that promote housing justice for all and eradicate homelesness.

Change cannot wait. Join our campaign for a more just and equitable Oakland.