A proud Oaklander born and bred, education and housing justice advocate, and community leader fighting for Oakland's working families

Kevin Jenkins is a father, community servant, housing justice champion and proud Oakland native, running for Oakland City Council in District 6. 


Kevin is running to ensure that District 6 shares in Oakland’s revitalization and that our neighborhoods are clean and safe. At City Hall, Kevin will look to our community to propose community based changes, and will be a champion to make those changes our reality. 


As a native son of Oakland, Kevin sees the rich culture and history that is embedded into the fabric of our city. He is keenly aware of the significant challenges that plague our city, especially in District 6. 


Kevin's career in public service has prepared him to serve as Councilmember for District 6. Currently, he serves as the Trustee on the Peralta Community College Board, representing East Oakland. 


As your Councilmember, he will continue to champion housing justice in Oakland. Will you join him?

Change cannot wait. Join our campaign for a more just and equitable Oakland.

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